6, not 4. no, 5.

At exactly 5.32am, bapa sent me a text saying, 'A, 5 ekor anaknya'. I wasnt really awake, so I was like.. ohh.. then I went "WHATT!?" O.o hahaha. marak tarus mata. 5 tiaa. Hours later, darling sent me an email saying the kitten is 6.. then again, 6?! haha. but that one othyer little kit was found dead rupanyaa. huhu. kesiaan. So below are the photos I managed to take this morning. Cheers everyone. Have a nice evening :)

1,2,3,4 and 5 :)
the unfortunate one :(

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Unexpected expectation :D

Salam everyone... :)

What an unexpected day it is. As I mentioned, all my does are pregnant, yes.. but.. yang menjadi kehairanan tahap pak pandir jatuh pokok kelapa, haha okay not funny, our dear Mew gave birth to two kittens today. Hmm.. But according to our calendar, the due date is supposedly on the 12th. Entahla. And chalie lage tu masa ia gave birth to her first kit.

Al-kisah... One morning, a family went out to our barn when he found out that one of our does, Mew, was plucking her fur and some fur were already all over the cage. This actually means the doe is very close to having babies. In today's case, since we expected that she will give birth on the 12th, we did not prepare her nestbox just yet. Huhu. So I told the family to put a small basket to her cage and put all the fur into it. Both darling and I weren't at home fyi.

Then later that afternoon, as in our routine, I went checking our rabbits, filling-up the food containers, adding more water to their bottles, cleaning their trays, brushing their fur when suddenly my little sister, T, suddenly shouted from the window, "KAA, TU YA BERANAK!"

And I was likee.. WHAAATT? haha. Tekezuts jantung I. Chemana buleh beranak atuu. Last I saw, she was STILL plucking her fur. haha. I grabbed my phone and got the first shot.

See. maseh ya plucking waa. and if you could see from the picture, ada tu babynya dibawah between her limbs ah. haha.

Kata my sister, KN, 'lasut keluar kale anaknya atu. teberanak kale baaah'. hahaha

and I thought this is her only kit. Then after few hours... keluar lage another one. but this one.. hm.. entahla. see the blood all over the body? is that even normal? huhu
So anyways, two babies were born today.. I so hope Mew would be a very good mother. *pats her head*

Again.. is this even normal? like, seriously? can anyone tell me? Is this much blood even normal? I thought the blood is supposedly just like a smear or something. huhu.

Later our dad put the babies into a nestbox. This is so that the babies are kept warm especially at night and when it is raining. I so think Mew was still confused when giving birth. Adaka luar nestbox. haha. =_="
All in all, syukran syukran :) The family is getter bigger and bigger. wohoo!! :D

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Healthy diet for rabbits :D

As I mentioned in my previous previous post, ahaa, I guess I owe you all this one, healthy diet for rabbits.

Not only you can give your bunnies pellets and packed food, you can also give them fruits and vegetables. Provided that you consult experienced people or read from books/internet which ones are good and suitable for rabbits :)

How to change your bunny's diet?

You need to do it sloooowly. Do not just throw away the whole old food and replace it with a new one. Yes, literally, but technically you have to first add small amount of the new food into the old one. Then gradually continue to add more and more of the new food everytime and decrease the old food eventually. This should take a week. Easy right? hehe.

Next.. suitable diet for rabbits. you can use it as your reference and it is as practised by us, Arnab Kami. hehe. no offence. for more info, you can always browse through the internet and think whats best for your rabbit :)

0-3 weeks = mother's milk.. and if the mother couldnt give any, buy kitten replacing milk from nearby petshop :)

After 3 weeks = mother's milk, introduce your rabbits to hay and some packed food. we dont usually give our kitten pellets. hehe.

After 4 weeks = unlimited amount of milk, hay and packed food which kami usually buy this brand Versele Laga for their daily food intake. There are lots and lots of other brands and food content available at the pet store. Just do trial and error and see which one your rabbit prefers.

8 weeks - 6 months = Sufficient amount of clean water, hay hay hay and packed food. Kami used to give versele laga hay but i dont think they are on sale anymore so we recently changed to this another brand, PUIK. They have dandelion, peppermint, herbs, etc etc etc. Rambang mata ne mun meleat. haha. Again trial and error. Try one type at a time and see which one is the best for your rabbits. All they have in store is good, just not sure if they're the right one for your rabbits. hehe.

6 months and afterwards = water. hay. packed food. and starts to introduce to your rabbits some veggies. Veggies like carrots, sawi.. green veggies lah yang pentingnya. hehe. but we do not recommend you to give veggies like cabbage and kangkong atuu. pasal the water content is quite high and it can lead to diarrhea.You want to prevent that. hehe.

And oh, when you introduce veggies to your rabbits, do not give all the trillion kinds of veggies at once. haha. try one kind at a time and see how their fecals like after eating the veggie. If the fecals are not round and solid, your rabbits are in much trouble. hehe.

What to do? stop giving them that veggies and provide them with lots and lots of water and food that you normally give them. okay? If the condition gets any serious, bring your rabbit to a vet ASAP. hehe. Any questions or suggestions, you can always convey them through our email or cbox :D sharing is caring whhaaat ;)

You can also give your rabbits something to chew on. such as a block of wood or sabut kelapa which can be easily get, hehe. Rabbit chew can also be bought from a pet store. It helps to prevent the overgrowth of their teeth. rabbits' teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime, so yeah. keep their teeth of their size. hehehe :D

Here in our barn, we also provide our rabbits with vitamin supplements. Either in the form of liquid or powder or drops like tablet. The tablets can come in different taste and color. they are milk, berries and another one, i cant recall. haha. All and all the above can be found at a petshop. Go to petvision and they have it all. hehehe.

I always have fun shopping.. SERIOUSLY. not only for clothes and shoes and bags and lots of other stuff *dont blame me for being a lady ;p*, hehehe, but also for rabbits. haha. Pet store is like the only place where my honey and I have common says.. hahaha ;p Mun bali kasut kah beg kah, gerenti i like this, he likes that =_='

So people, thats it on their diet :) remember to always read read read from various different sources, okay? We are here only to help and give you some ideas. hehe. Have a nice day everyone.. cheers!
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Just an update :)

Alhamdulillah.. so far this blog has been a very incredible help to beginners out there. God bless you all :) Hopefully we will have an increasing potential rabbit lovers/breeders.

We not only just care for rabbits, but we care them in a right way. Sales is just like a sidekick. hehe. Anyways, its a rainy afternoon. keep your rabbits safe in their cage okay? or they might get flu.. kesiaaan :(

So talk about something off the page, whats going on around us today? School has been started, yes. And my holiday is getting to an end. Semester 4 starts next week. I hope nothing but to get better grades. just that. hehe.

But hey, my last semester's was not bad though. Alhamdulillah.. All the efforts done paid off :D thanks to dear darling Eyai for everysinglething!

And oh, O'level results are out soon. Mudahaan all my students do well. Amin amin amin :) And.. a sister's wedding, EI, is coming up this Jan and a brother's wedding, W, the following month. whewh! haha. kanchangg tu eee. Not to forget 3 or maybe 4 *i lose count haha* of our does MAYBE pregnant. So we're expecting more and more baby rabbits soon! woohoo. *pengsan* hahaha.

Now lets talk about the happenings in our barn. All the does are doing well and are pregnant. Although Guppa macam.. pregnant maen2. haha. Bella is as active as ever. Meww is doing fine.. just chillin' enjoying the rain. hehe. Chills.

The bucks.. hm.. lets see. From far end, Lilo and Mello are doing very good. MIB ne durang aah. MAKAN INDA BERANTI. hehe. Lyon.. is fine. and so is Otter. Bahagia ya sudah since nada si Gulla the Gangster. Nada dangannya bekelaiee. haha. Gulla was sold to a man yesterday. We hope he has a great new home there :)

Gucci is as kambang as ever. haha. joke. I loveee him. so manja. Twinkle is getting healthier.. wehee. he was sick days ago. sadd. He didnt eat well and he didnt poop either. we were so worried. Solution, we dissolved the pellet with water and add some vitamin. Then darling Eyai fed him. Since then, he's alhamdulillah getting fine. He eats well now. && poop ya sudahh. haha. Pooping is very important, okayyy :)

Carlo is getting better. he had a fever.. and got very skinny. now the fur is getting longer and he gains some weight. Alhamdulillah.. *Showered blessings*

Dear Rino is going to be taken away later and moves to a new home. Feels a bit sad, but im sure he is going to be taken care very well. He's doing just great btw :D and he has been a very great companion :') *emo mode* hahaha.

Thats all for our rabbits in barn. Inside the house we keep the 'precious' ones. haha. All the imported pure breeds. There are.. *counts in head* 5 of them plus 2 kitten :) Gawd i so soon have memory problem. aha.

Coco is super active. Bisiiing ne ia ah. Lumpat2 saja. hehe. Very playful. & she may or may not be pregnant. The pregnancy is almost a week overdue. So if by the mid of the month she's still not giving birth, we're going to mate her again with Vico.

Vico and Teddy are both doing fine. Isabelle is getting better, like seriously. haha. She eats A LOT now. She was not well due to 'bullied' by rats :( when we bought her from M. We intentionally did because we believe we could help dear Isabelle. So at the very night the day we bought her, darling Eyai had all his secret weapons ready to cure and groom her. She's now prettierrr. haha. Not to brag, but he had done a superb wuperb duperb job. xx!

Last is our dear Ruby and her kits, Snow and Smokie. They all are doing well indeed. The kits are very very very playful. masuk keluar nestbox sudah durang lumpati. sama macam mommynya. NAKAL. haha. Lari saja lagi tu round2 cage. Lajuu. haha. cuba taah bubut durang ane, konfom kapus2 tu lehnya. hahaha :D

So, I will update more facts and tips in later post yeah. Cheers. Have a nice day, all :D

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Fun Facts #1

Sorry for the lack of updates. hehe. We went on a vacation and now we're back :D

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'd be talking about the food and our dearest Ruby this time. But.. i'll share few things beforehand. okay?

If you are a beginner and now only you know how to care for rabbits, there are things that you should have realized and should know about rabbits. hehe. && we're sharing some facts below.

1. Male rabbit is called buck, female rabbit is called doe, and.. baby rabbit is called kit / kitten :) but after birth, the baby rabbits are collectively known as litter.

2. Rabbit has a life span up to 10 years.. tapi kadang2 2 years pun 'expired' cha sudah. haha -_-"

3. Rabbit has 28 teeth. awwuuu, bener. inda usah mikir chanakan mengira. damit tu. saket sha krg kepala. haha :p

4. Rabbits are crepuscular.. ertinya they are usually active at dawn and dusk. yetaa mun kan meliat durang cakah bemain, bangun sebelum subuh. hehehe. chalieee. ketawa sendiri2 tu kitane.

5. Rabbit's droppings are smell-less and dry.. di putik pun bole baa. haha. unless if its sick. and the droppings can serve as an excellent fertilizer in your garden. daripada di buang ke longkang sampai teblock, why not jadikan baja.. hehe.

6. Rabbits can mate when they're 3 months old and produce babies at 6 months old or earlier. Their gestation period or pregnancy period is 30 days. Kan ampir ari atu, sediakan tah tempat untuknya beranak. and oh, inda usah cari doktor. haha. lame joke eh ;p

7. The babies/litter are born blind with no fur. so jangan susah ati. inda buta tu artinyaa. hehe. Like our ruby's, her babies open their eyes after 10 days :) i was SUPEREXCITED when i first noticed. hahaha.

8. Rabbits can jump as high as almost 1 metre. no joke. we've seen our little Willow tried jumping that high to get out of a big box.

9. Rabbits have large adorable eyes and their blind spot is right infront of their face. so mun kan membawa ya becakap, jangan becakap di dapannya.. inda ya nampak biskita tuu. hehehe. go to its side.. then you talk :)

10. and Arnab Kami's last fact on this time's post is.. Rabbits are herbivores aka vegetarian :) jangantah kan dibagi ayam daging ikan chocolate gula-gula apa. haha. good thing they're vegans is that veggies are cheap! seikat sawi limaposen puuun ;p (50cents)

Thats it for now people. Ciao! :D
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once upon a time, Ruby..

Salam everyone.. We hope you are doing well and your rabbits too! :D

Now we are going to introduce to all of you, our very dearest Ruby. How we got her? al kisah~

One very fine evening, it was almost 6pm, my other half, Eyai and I rushed to go to Pantai Serasa *takut penjual abes bepanyap udah. haha* to look for rabbits. After one stall to another, lintas punya lintas, we saw a man carrying some cages into his car. and in that cages are not just some rabbit, but very rare rabbits!

Here in Brunei, common we heard breeds like anggora and lionhead, but that was different. The fur is very long and so white! Cuteeeee!!! hehe. So we went to see the man and asked him questions and the price. SUPEREXPENSIVE yo! $_$ & oh. the breed is called Woody Toy.

After 2days thoughts, on August 16th 2010 , we decided to buy one of the rabbits from the man, M, and named her, Ruby.. :D because she has the eyes of ruby (red, but no, she's not an albino) and she worths every cent we spent :)))

Here she is when we first brought her home. She was only 2 months and 3 weeks old. comel lah!

And this is her today.. 7 months old. Still small but her fur is getting very very long. hehe :D

Pandai pose kale aaah. ayu lage ;p

Sekalee... after few months, we borrowed a buck from M and let them mate. That was on the night of 19th November 2010. After exactly 30 days, on the 18th of December, Ruby finally gave birth to 2 kittens. weeheee!! :D

We first thought seekor saja. Rupanya the other one is hidden under the fur bushes. hehehe.

The babies were born blind with no fur.. haha. macam anak pandaa.

Next thing we did was.. go online and study how to care for baby rabbits. hehe. I'll share all we know with you all in later post, alright? ;)

This is when the litter is a week old. nampak sudah back-stroke nya. haha. fur here and there. this was masa si ruby kami 'paksa' nyusukan anaknya aah. hehehe.

How we hold the mother (ruby) when she's feeding her litter :)

This photo and below were taken when the litter is 10 days old. note the eyes are now opened... :D

I officially named this baby, SNOW.

Aww. cuteee. see how it sleeps..

And this one is SO FUNNY. hahaha. chana nah ya tidur.. scroll down! :P




HAHAHAHAHA!! chanteekkk. and my darling Eyai named him SMOKIE :D

aww. kami just loveee them! ;)

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Routine care

Wadddup people :)

We're now in the year 2011. Happy New Year Everybodeyh! wohoo. So much things have changed, yet all is for the better. And our new year's resolution is to continue to be a better person. So far, nothing could've never been any better. Alhamdulillah :)

So here Im going to post on rabbit's routine care. How WE care our rabbits. Previously, I've covered on what to prepare before getting a rabbit, how to choose a healthy rabbit, questions to ask, etc. Hehe.

Rabbit Care, easy. Do it daily.

1. Give them sufficient food. DO NOT JUST TOP-UP THE FOOD. Give fresh ones. hehe. Trust us, the rabbits can tell. Food like pellets, snacks, hay, fruits and vegetables.

The amount and the type of food depends on the age of the rabbit. I'll do this in my next post. Hehe. So keep waiting :)

2. Make sure they have enough fresh, clean supply of water at all times. You can add vitamins to the drink. This totally helps when your rabbits are under stress and during pregnancy and lactating. hehe.

3. Keep the cage clean. Change the bedding every two days. Well this again depends on the rabbit's fecals. Mun banyak sehari atu, indakan di biarkaaan. haa.

4. Groom your rabbits. Use a suitable comb or slicker. You can get this at any pet store. For our grooming materials, we usually buy MIKKI products. hehe. Tahan lama :)

5. Give your rabbits something to play with. You can either buy from pet store or you can make them yourselves. Ours, we did sendiri. Fill in used-tissue roll with hay. See yourself how they'll react. Hehe. Chalieee. So cute!

6. Very important, check on the rabbits' body and attitude. Whether they're active or not. Do they show any signs of sickness, how are their eyes, ears, genital area, semualah. check check check. Rabbits cant tell you if they're sick. They even rarely make any sound. So, yeah. Check! hehe.

So yeah, thats it for now I guess. Oh btw, after we had guppa and gucci, we continued to buy more and more rabbits. Haha.

1. Guppa (local)
2. Gucci (local)

3. Gucca (anggora)

4. Bushy (pure woody toy, but died after 3 days due to diarrhea :c)

5. Gulla (local)

6. Ruby (pure woody toy)

7. Otter (anggora)

8. Lyon (lionhead)

9. Bella (mixed lionhead)

10. Rinoo (local lop)

11. carloo (local)

12. mello (local)

13. lilo (anggora)

14. willo (lionhead)

15. meww (local)

16 and 17. Two more pure woody toys; veco and coco. Phewh. Thats a lot. Haha.
18 and 19. Our newest member in the family, Teddy (teddy bear) and Isabelle (woody toy).
20 and 21. Our 2 new babies in the crowd, Snow and Smokie :D

Pictures and details are to be posted soon. Or you could browse through our albums on facebook. They're all there.

And and oh. our dearest Ruby just gave birth on the 18th December. FINALLY!!! After a VERY long wait. haha. Wait till our next post on it. The babies are now 2 weeks old. Cuteeeeee :D

Okay, bye for now. Terra!

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